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The Designer


The astounding principal designer on the rise, Andre’ Jordan Hilton is well known for his tailored curated style.  Infusing each space he designs with heavy textures and quiet layers, he carefully marries each unique piece to the next, forming extraordinary fashionably elegant, bold and eclectic retreats.  


With his background studies in Architecture, Hilton possesses a bold and creative eye for exploring the unknown. He creates rooms as he often refers to as “cities”.  “There are so many places you'd want to explore in whatever city you are in.  I want my clients to be eager to touch, sit, feel, see, and enjoy everything around them, just as though they would in their city of choice.  


His pension for fashion is a priority when tailoring rooms to fit the bodies that dwell there.  He believes being timeless is key when infusing fashion into his clients homes.  Setting out to build rooms that showcase his clients in their brightest form, Andre carefully assesses each one of his clients.  "I want the spaces to speak to who they are, show them off a bit, while at the same time, providing what they need just as much as what they want”.  


Hilton was recently awarded as one of the TOP 20 African American Interior Designers in the country.  He has worked as the design consultant for HGTV’s hit series “Flipping Virgins” helping the show transform numerous homes into show stopping investments.  As one of Atlanta’s leading designers, his impeccable style and flair, bring a fresh new wind to the world of design.

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